At Destination Derrière we have a passion for well-being, exercise and the occasional physical challenge. The Destination Derrière team have completed countless triathlons, marathons, Parkruns, maintained by regular sessions at the Pilates studio and our local gym. We have trekked to Mt. Everest base camp, endured 100km trail runs in bleak conditions and of course, weathered demanding travel schedules in the corporate world. You know what we’re talking about.

Throughout the journey we have worn our way through a lot of athletic wear so we know, through experience, that a legging seam in the wrong place can become vaguely annoying…a mobile phone pocket has to be functional…a waistband must be the right fit for a long-haul flight…the fabric must endure being scrunched into a brief case or back-pack and dry quickly in a hotel shower recess.

So when creating Destination Derrière leggings…affectionally known as DDs…we had a simple, irrefutable mantra…’don’t compromise’… a goal that is surprisingly difficult in this fast fashion world. We also pledged to manufacture exclusively in Australia and to only use high quality, ethically produced fabrics. It’s been a journey, but 12 months later, here we are.

We’ve sourced some of the world’s best performance fabrics from the famous Italian textile province of Bergamo. And we found a first-class manufacturing partner right on our doorstep, in beautiful Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.

Along the way, we have extensively pattern-tested, fit-tested, wear-tested and comfort-tested our leggings before settling on two cutting-edge high performance fabrics that offer the versatility you’d expect whether pushing your physical limits, doing the school run, enjoying some down time or travelling to new destinations. Your DDs will take you from sunrise to sunset whether relaxing or recharging, DDs are your travelling companion, bringing some familiarity when exploring the unknown. 

Our creative process has been equally uncompromising. We researched hundreds of photographs before selecting our original and iconic imagery by collaborating with talented young photographers.

On a more personal level, having experienced first-hand the devastation of ovarian cancer, we have partnered with Ovarian Cancer Australia, donating $5 to the cause for every pair sold.

We hope you are inspired by our vision to create Destination Derrière – high performance luxury leggings to wear anywhere.